Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Your baby monitor will kill you

First, watch this asinine story from the Today Show this morning that was broadcast to millions of Americans.

Next, read this nonsense that I found while researching the subject.

Be afraid, be very afraid.

Or don’t.

The truth, most likely: No burglar or home invader is out there driving around with baby-monitor receivers waiting to pounce. They’re more likely casing you in less high-tech ways.

Think about it. Are criminals, probably meth tweakers, going to Babies R Us to buy multi-channel baby monitors or to Radio Shack to buy a receiver so that they can drive around slowly trying to pick up feeds?

Sure, that’s a much more likely crime scenario than, say, someone noticing you are always gone from 11-3 and your home’s entrance is set back and obscured by bushes.

I could get on a high horse and call this story fear-mongering and pointless. It is both, but I won’t.

Why? Because if some rube is willing to take this story seriously – like the woman in the piece who worriedly expresses her concern that (heaven forbid) pedophiles are driving around listening for baby monitors – then this has become yet another unexpected April Fool’s story to enjoy in November.

Here’s a tip – TV news in almost all forms, is just entertainment. It’s no more useful than reality TV.

At least watching Top Chef I learned what an amuse-bouche was.

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